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Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines is a timely reference. This is especially true, now that there has been a considerable increase in nonlinear and sensitive loads such as computers, TV monitors and arc furnaces. The sudden growth of nonlinear electrical loads has resulted in power quality issues that only minimally existed a few decades ago. These draw harmonic currents which distort voltage and current waveforms and in effect create damaging effects including loss of reliability, increased operating costs, interference, equipment overheating, inaccurate power metering, capacitor failures and motor failures. This subject is relevant to engineers involved with electronic equipment, computers, manufacturing equipment and electric power systems.

Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines illustrates to readers how to understand the causes and effects of power quality problems such as undesirable voltage variations, interruptions, waveshape distortions, losses due to poor power quality, origins of single-time events such as voltage sags and swells, severe voltage drops, along with methods to mitigate these PQ problems. In other words, the author has been able to combine in one comprehensive text a thorough discussion of the causes of the power quality problems, its harmful effects on the utility and end-user systems, as well as techniques for solving the associated problems. 

Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines
Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines
In addition, it gives proper references to the different agencies that are involved in dealing with this issue. This helps a lot for those who want to extend their knowledge beyond the contents of this text.

The book also includes the following:

  • Theoretical and realistic insights into PQ problems of machines and systems
  • Problems and solutions at the end of each chapter dealing with practical applications
  • Combination of the practical, analytical and measured aspects and is enriched with solved problems and simulations.
  • Application examples including SPICE, Mathematica, and MATLAB examples
  • SPICE simulations are less than 60 "blocks", which makes it possible to be set up on the Student version of the software

To sum up, Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines is clearly written with very clear explanations. Also, it introduces just the right amount of analytics needed to understand the issues being discussed. It is a highly recommendable text for a course on this topic, a self study, as well as a desk reference for those electrical and power quality engineers who aim to become familiar with specific aspects of a certain PQ issue that may arise in their work.

Book Details:

Hardcover: 664 pages
Authors: Ewald F. Fuchs and Mohammad A.S. Masoum
Publisher: Academic Press
Date Published: March 7, 2008
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.3 x 1.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
Average Price (as of posting): $107.71


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