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EMTP-RV is a powerful and dedicated software for the simulation and analysis of transients in power systems. It provides an extensive variety of system modeling capabilities covering electromagnetic and electromechanical oscillations ranging in duration from microseconds to seconds. EMTP-RV is the most comprehensive analysis and simulation program for power system transients.

EMTP-RV has gained a reputation of being a super-fast computational engine that gives improved solution methods for nonlinear models, user-defined models and control systems. It also features a plug-in model interface, which allows users to add their own models.



Generally, EMTP-RV can be used in the analysis of insulation coordination, lightning and switching surges, ferroresonance, power electronics applications (i.e. HVDC and voltage source converters), shaft torsional oscillations, temporary overvoltage and other power quality issues.

In other words, EMTP-RV is applicable to power system studies, whether they relate to project design and engineering, or to solving problems and inexplicable failures. It is the most technically advanced analysis software for the simulation of a range of phenomena in areas such as:

  • General purpose circuit analysis: wideband, from load-flow to steady-state initialization to time-domain
  • Multiterminal HVDC systems
  • Network analysis, which involve network separation, power quality, geomagnetic storms, interaction between compensation and control components
  • Power electronics
  • Power system design
  • Protection - saturation problems and power oscillations and surge arrester influences
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Series compensation: MOV energy absorption, short-circuit conditions and network interaction
  • Simulation and analysis of large scale electrical systems
  • Simulation and analysis of electrical system transients
  • Switchgear - TRV, current chopping, arc interaction, delayed-current zero conditions and shunt compensation
  • Synchronous machines: SSR, auto-excitation and control
  • Transient stability analysis
  • Transmission line systems, including design, insulation coordination, cable models, switching and wideband line
  • Unbalanced distribution networks

EMTP-RV Studies

Furthermore, studies that use EMTP-RV can be classified into:

1.    Design

This includes:

  • Control system design
  • Equipment ratings
  • Harmonic studies
  • Insulation coordination
  • Power quality assessment
  • Protective device specification

2.    Solving Operating Problems

  • Equipment failures
  • Unexplained Outages

Software Package Inclusions

Enhanced and maintained by the Development Coordination Group (DCG), the EMTP-RV software package also includes a very intuitive graphical user interface (EMTPWorks), a fully reprogrammed computational engine and an advanced output processor.


A cutting edge and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), which maximizes the features and capabilities of the underlying EMTP-RV engine. EMTPWorks offers drag-and-drop convenience allowing users to quickly design, modify and simulate electric power systems. A drawing canvas and the ability to externally program device data permit users to fully customize simulations to their needs. It can be used for small systems or very large-scale systems.


Provides waveform visualization and advanced mathematical post-processing capabilities.
EMTP-RV ScopeView
EMTP-RV ScopeView

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