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IEEE Power Quality Standards do not have such a structured and comprehensive set as compared to IEC. Nonetheless, the IEEE standards give more practical and some theoretical background on the phenomena, which makes it a very useful reference, even outside of the United States. The following are the power quality standards and documents released by IEEE:

4-1995 Standard techniques for high voltage testing
18-2002 Standard for Shunt Power Capacitors
120-1989 Master Test Guide for Electrical Measurements in Power Circuits
141-1993 - Recommended practice for electric power distribution for industrial plants
142-1991 - Recommended practice for grounding of industrial and commercial power systems, also known as the Green Book
213-1993 - Standard procedure for measuring conducted emissions in the range of 300 kHz to 25 MHz from television and FM broadcast receivers to power lines
241-1990 - Recommended practice for electric power systems in commercial buildings, also known as the Gray Book
281-1994 - Standard service conditions for power system communication equipment
299-1991 - Standard method of measuring the effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding enclosures
352-1993 - Guide for general principles of reliability analysis of nuclear power generating station safety systems
367-1996 - Recommended practice for determining the electric power station ground potential rise and induced voltage from a power fault
376-1993 - Standard for the measurement of impulse strength and impulse bandwidth
388-1992 Standard for Transformers and Inductors in Electronic Power Conversion Equipment
430-1991 - Standard procedures for the measurement of radio noise from overhead power lines and substations
446-1987 - Recommended practice for emergency and standby power systems for industrial and commercial applications, also known as the Orange Book
449-1990 - Standard for ferroresonance voltage regulators
473-1991 - Recommended practice for an electromagnetic site survey (10 kHz to 10 GHz)
493-1997 - Recommended practice for the design of reliable industrial and commercial power systems, also known as the Gold Book
519-1992 - Recommended practice and requirements for harmonic control in electric power systems
539-1990 - Standard definitions of terms relation to corona and field effects of overhead power lines
762-1987 - Standard definitions for use in reporting electric generating unit reliability, availability and productivity
859-1987 - Standard terms for reporting and analyzing outage occurrences and outage states of electrical transmission facilities
944-1986 - Application and testing of uninterruptible power supplies for power generating stations
998-1996 - Guide for direct lightning stroke shielding of substations
1048-1990 - Guide for protective grounding of power lines
1057-1994 - Standard for digitizing waveform recorders
1100-1992 - Recommended practice for powering and grounding sensitive electronic equipment, also known as the Emerald Book
IEEE 1159-1995 - Recommended practice for monitoring electric power quality
1184-1995 - Guide for the selection and sizing of batteries for uninterruptible power systems
1250-1995 - Guide for service to equipment sensitive to momentary voltage disturbances
1325-1996 - Recommended practice for reporting field failure data for power circuit breakers
1313.1-1996 - Standard for insulation coordination – definitions, principles and rules
P1409 - Custom power task force
P1433 - A standard glossary of power quality terminology
P1453 - Voltage flicker
1547-2003 - Standards for Distributed Resources Interconnected with Electric Power Systems
C37.10-1995 - Guide for diagnostics and failure investigation of power circuit breakers
C37.95-1994 - Guide for protective relaying of utility-consumer interconnections
C37.100-1992 - Standard definitions for power switchgear
C57.110-1986 - Recommended practice for establishing transformer capability when supplying nonsinusoidal load currents
C57.117-1986 - Guide for reporting failure data for power transformers and shunt reactors on electric utility power systems
C62.41-1991 - Recommended practice on surge voltages in low voltage AC power circuits
C62.45-1992 - Guide on surge testing for equipment connected to low voltage AC power circuits
C62.48-1995 - Guide on interactions between power system disturbances and surge protective devices

Suggested Article:
Bollen, M. (2000). Understanding Power Quality Problems: Voltage Sags and Interruptions

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